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Yoga for Corporates

Myrus Yoga has become known for its Corporate training that includes meditation, energy healing, Medical Yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, and Motivational sessions for women and men. Through the years Myrus Yoga has been able to garner a reputation unparalleled as a positive influencer in encouraging the corporate sector toward spiritual growth and self-development. These sessions can be done offline at Myrus Colombo Centre or at the Corporate Premises or online in English, Sinhala, or bilingually.

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Medical Yoga is a specialty where many styles of Yoga, Ayurveda Nutrition & Mindfulness Meditation are combined to create a specific experience in the internal energy as well as the external self to create healing.

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Myrus Face Yoga is a combination of face yoga and Face Fitness exercises that increase blood circulation, strengthen the intricate muscles, reduce aging, and rejuvenate the skin through various Face yoga Postures, massages, breathwork techniques, and lifestyle habits. Asana, meditation, and prop

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Myrus Power Abs is a unique and rare fat-loss programme that has risen to instant popularity with its practical, sustainable and safe methodology to lose fat, gain physical strength and fitness, heal from within and build a strong personality in the process. This programme can be pursued with the inclusion of Fitness/ HIIT/ Strength Training under the mentorship of Myrus Head Coach & Myrus Fitness Founder Sripali Weerakkody who has over 16 years of International Athletics experience and qualification as Level 1 Master Trainer & Level 4 Fitness and Personal Training from the Australian Institute for Fitness.

Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher and Founder of Myrus Yoga, Dr. Miuru Jayaweera is a certified Medical Yoga Teacher (Pune – India) for Psycho-Somatic Disorders and Musculoskeletal disorders with a proven success rate among her many students and clients. Dr. Jayaweera also is a certified Ayurveda Nutritionist (from Pune, India)) who has been able to mentor over 650 Myrus Members towards their fat loss, weight loss and wellness goals. She has over 4 years experience in mentoring as a Face Yoga Expert and is certified by FSSA Council India. She has also conducted countless Corporate Yoga Sessions for International and Local brands that has always had a positive impact on the workers’ Productivity and overall mental and physical wellbeing; Their candid feedback after each session serve as positive testimonials.

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