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Class Goals

Strengthen Your Body

Through varied muscle engagement, endurance building, and coordination refinement, this yoga program builds a resilient body that improves mobility and vitality.

Improve Immunity

This program will teach you how to improve breathing, circulation, activating the lymphatic system, and supporting general health and resilience against illnesses through yoga

Reduce Stress

This programme works to balance your hormones and works directly on the endocrine system through breathing techniques, meditation and yoga postures. It has helped hundreds of students cure psychosomatic illnesses such as PCOS, PCOD, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Gastritis, Insomnia, stress depression etc.

What You Will Learn

Yoga basics

Build a strong foundation with essential yoga principles and practices.

Asana techniques for various categories

Master poses across categories: backbends, forward folds, inversions, and more.

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

Explore the dynamic and structured practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

Yama & Niyama, and Practice of Pranayama

Learn ethical guidelines and breathing techniques to enhance your practice.

Introduction to Meditation

Discover the basics of meditation to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace.

Progress to Myrus Intermediate Classes

Advance your skills and deepen your practice with our intermediate level classes.

Your Yoga teacher

Dr Miuru Jayaweera (PhD | E-Ryt 500)

Expertise in Diverse Yoga Styles

Masterful instructor adept in Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, and more, customizing practices for personal growth.

Professional Training & Certifications

Yoga Alliance USA-certified with robust grounding in Iyengar and therapeutic medical yoga approaches.

Leadership at Myrus School of Yoga

Pioneering educator leading Myrus School, shaping global instructors with comprehensive, accredited training.

Internationally Renowned Programs

Hosts globally sought-after teacher training, retreats, and workshops, elevating yoga practice and teaching proficiency.

Course Content

Explore the essence of yoga and its benefits for mind, body, and spirit.

Establish core practices including breathwork, foundational postures, and sun salutations.

Dive into the narrative of the spine, exploring backbends and seated poses for strength and flexibility.

Experience the fluidity of vinyasa flow with a focus on standing postures.

Delve into mandala yoga and the power of focused gaze for concentration and balance.

Learn foundational techniques tailored for beginners to foster growth and confidence.

Engage in dynamic sequences incorporating standing, backbends, forward folds, and twists.

Activate the core with Uddiyana Bandha and explore strength-building postures like Warrior 1 and 2.

Cultivate balance and stability through poses like Warrior 3 and explore the rhythm of Ladder Vinyasa.

Refine alignment in Chaturanga Dandasana and explore the nuances of Sun Salutation A.

Hone techniques within Sun Salutation A and practice jumping forward with grace.

Build strength with full Chaturanga and experience expansion with Urdhva Dhanurasana.

Empower the body with Surya Namaskar B and delve into a strength-focused class.

Master the art of seamless transitions with the jump back to Chaturanga.

Enhance fluidity and agility through a specialized class focusing on movement and grace.

What They’re Saying

Why online Yoga ?

Our recorded video series offers you the freedom to replay sessions as many times as you need. Led by one dedicated internationally certified teacher, these beginner-friendly videos provide step-by-step guidance for mastering foundational poses and techniques. By purchasing this series, you’re investing in a resource that empowers you to progress at your own pace, gaining confidence and expertise with each replay

Introduction: What is Yoga and why you should practice yoga?

Class 1: Ujjai Breath, Hatha Standing Postures, Suryanamaskar C, Badhas, Drishti & fundamentals of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation practice

Class 2: Suryanamskar C with breath, Hatha Sitting postures, Back bending & Forward Folds

Class 3: Story of the Spine & Backbends

Class 4: Vinyasa Yoga Introduction with 4 standing postures

Class 5: Mandala Yoga Introduction | Introduction to Dristi

Class 6: Techniques for Beginners

Class 7: Vinyasa with Standing, BB, FF and Twists

Class 8: Uddiyana Bandh Major, Warrior 1,2, Planes of Body

Class 9: Warrior 3 & Reverse warrior, Intro to Ladder Vinyasa

Class 10: Introduction to Chaturanga Dandasana | SN A

Class 11: SN A Techniques | Jump Forward | Vinyasa

Class 12: Full Chaturanga with SN A | Back bends Urdhva Danurasana

Class 13: Strength based class. Intro to Surya namaskar B

Class 14: Jump Back to Chaturanga

Class 15: Agility Class

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