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Myrus Power Abs is a unique and rare fat-loss programme that has risen to instant popularity with its practical, sustainable and safe methodology to lose fat, gain physical strength and fitness, heal from within and build a strong personality in the process. The programme has a 99% success rate with over 500 members succeeding in their life goals. Members who have taken this programme in their own words describe it as “The journey that transforms the body and mind” / “A lifetime investment” / “Unique Wellness Retreat”.

Guaranteeing at least a 5kg weight loss per month for those who are over-weight, and the reduction of at least 2 dress sizes within 4 weeks, Myrus Power Abs uniquely combines Ayurveda, Fitness, Yoga and daily Mentorship making sure that everyone who signs up, stays on the journey without being demotivated midway.

Countless member testimonials have proven that not only this programme guarantees physical fitness but also physiological and psychological wellness in terms of healing many non – communicable diseases and health conditions. This programme can be done in person & also online.

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