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Myrus Face Yoga is a combination of face yoga and Face Fitness exercises that increase blood circulation, strengthen the intricate muscles, reduce aging, and rejuvenate the skin through various Face yoga Postures, massages, breathwork techniques, and lifestyle habits. Asana, meditation, and proper nutrition.

Myrus Face Yoga focuses on the below

  • Face Lift without chemical intervention
  • Reduce puffiness and darkness around and under the eyes | Reduce crow feet | Increase vision to a certain degree
  • Reduce Melasma (Discolouration) and increase skin tone with massage techniques
  • Reduce the appearance of laugh lines, age lines, and wrinkles
  • Contour cheekbones | Jaw line| Reduce facial fat, double chin, and firm off jowls.
  • Instant relief from phlegm & inflammation. (Catarrh & Sinusitis)

Dr. Jayaweera is a certified Face Yoga Specialist and has many success stories up to date.

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