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Hatha Yoga

Traditional Hatha Yoga is the base of any would-be practitioner. Hatha means to integrate the yin & the yang or the 2 main Ida and Pingala energies of the human form. Beginner friendly albeit with the possibility to progress into a strong style with practice, Hatha is the ultimate beginners’ yoga preference. All Myrus Beginner Yoga classes embody this style as a foundational style.

Vinyasa Krama
(flow) Yoga

A sequence of Hatha Yoga Postures woven together with the accompaniment of alternate inhales and exhales, this style is a flowy movement meditation-based yoga tradition. Vinyasa flow classes are challenging yet calming at the same time and can be done at a beginner level just as much as at intermediate and advanced levels. Intermediate to Advanced Myrus Yoga classes embody this style.

myrus yoga | 4 months course

Yoga Recorded Video Classes | Beginner

A six-month-long video series thematically structured to suit practitioners of over 6 months of Hatha, Vinyasa yoga. The 5 Yamas (Mini-Series) The 5 Niyamas (Mini-Series) the 7 Chakras (Mini-Series) and an Introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Half Primary Class is included in this Myrus Intermediate Recorded Video Classes Package.

  • online recorded/ 1 class per week release through the portal for multiple replays within 1 month
  • Duration – 4 month
  • Lead Yoga Teacher – Miuru Jayaweera (Ph.D.) RYT500+ | Guest Teachers.
  • Total Investment: LKR 48,000/-

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